Scott Allen

For quite a long time, I’ve been a web developer. I’ve written HTML in Notepad. I’ve painstakingly coded image maps coordinate-by-coordinate. I’ve laid out pages with tables. I’ve built Flash intros and loader bars. I have done so many things incorrectly, I had to copy edit this list when I finished it.

My favorite thing about development is that change is the only constant. Keeping up with the latest new thing is half the fun. Figuring out how to use it well is the rest.

In the handful of “real jobs” I’ve had doing this work, I’ve had the opportunity to create educational materials for some of the most well-known cultural institutions in the country. I’ve had chances to work on corporate and not-for-profit projects, big and small. I have coded single web pages, hundred page sites, and everything in between. I have built kiosks, presentations, exhibit materials, and more content management systems than I can remember.

My current fields of expertise include HTML, PHP, MySQL, CSS, and JavaScript.

Work Samples

Most of the client work I’ve done in the past ten years is work I am unable to post publicly.

I will be happy to make case studies available to demonstrate relevant skills for appropriate requests.

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