Eagle Creek Trail and Cars

I wandered out onto the nearly finished Eagle Creek Trail extension last weekend with my dog, and walked west from 38th and Airport Drive around to almost 34th Street before construction made it impassable.

This stretch of the trail was built on property that mostly belongs to the Eagle Creek Airpark (which belongs to the Airport Authority, a municipal corporation) and the Eagle Creek Reservoir Dam (which appears to be under direct or indirect control of several county, state, and federal agencies).

Most of the fences—let alone any structures—on these parcels are more than 100 feet off the road, but the trail was constructed about two feet away from the curb. I’m not really sure why. And instead of sloping from the trail down to the drainage ditch, they added retaining walls and wooden fences, leaving nowhere for trail users to go in the event of a vehicle leaving the street and entering the pedestrian area.

I shot a little bit of video on my way back home, walking east with westbound traffic coming toward me. Let’s see if you notice anything interesting:

The speed limit on this stretch of 38th Street is 40 mph. See how most of the cars are moving into the left lane and/or slowing down? They’re not doing that for me and my dog. They are slowing down because of the barrels. What do you think will happen when those are gone in a month?

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