iOS Training: Day 2

This is going to be a short one. After spending a ton of time at a computer the last couple days, writing a blog post isn’t the thing I’m dying to do at the moment. [Ed: Nevermind. Got rolling and cranked it all out.]

We didn’t build as many apps today, but they started to get more in-depth. This morning we wrapped up some of the things we started last night using the iOS Core Graphics APIs. This involved creating a view and using code to draw vector graphics on the screen. We started out with concentric gray circles, and progressed to using the accelerometer to move the circles as you move the phone around in space. I later added the ability to change the color of the circles depending on the angle of the phone and the ability to change the background color by shaking the phone.

After that, we got into some more realistic, useful classes like the tab bar that is at the bottom of tons of iOS apps, which gives you one way to move between views in an app.

The next app we built was all about screen rotation. We learned how to handle orientation changes and how to rearrange views to fit both shapes of the screen.

The last app we worked on for the entire afternoon included our first introduction to the UITableView, which seems to be the basic building block of almost everything in iOS. The app we built basically created a table view of items. We then learned how to add, reorder, and remove items in the list. We also added a navigation bar at the top of the screen to enable us to edit items in our list. The code was pretty easily to implement, but extremely complex. It’s going to take a few more looks at it to really get the hang. [Ed: Nevermind. Got rolling and cranked it out.]

I wrapped up a little earlier today, because I was getting tired of being in the lab, so we bailed around 8 and shot a few games of pool before coming back to the rooms and relaxing with some TV. Hopefully I’m refreshed and ready to get it done again tomorrow. I think we’re tackling the camera first thing tomorrow morning.

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