Five Oceans?!

First, they get rid of a planet, and now, apparently, they’ve added a new ocean. I have no idea when it happened, and Wikipedia doesn’t even definitively state that it did. Apparently it’s mixed up in some kinda ratification process.

Anyway, for those of you whose social studies books told you there were seven continents and four oceans, you better get your facts straight before your kids get to school. Say hello to the Southern Ocean. Yeah, it even sounds stupid.

Here’s the part where I quote some funny things from what I learned about the Southern Ocean:

The International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) published the third edition of Limits of Oceans and Seas (S-23), the global authority on the names and locations of seas and oceans, in 2000. The third edition in 2000 established the existence of the Southern Ocean as the fifth world ocean.

I don’t know whether to make fun of the International Hydrographic Organization or the fact that there are three editions of that publication. Obviously, they had to make up an ocean to get from the second to the third, so I wonder what they did to get from the first to the second. Discovered the Earth was round?

Anyway, five oceans now kids. Wanna learn more? Here’s a couple links:

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