iOS Training: Day 0

I left home in Indianapolis at 1:30 this afternoon and hopped a flight to Atlanta. After that, I took a one hour ride to Historic Banning Mills, Georgia, home of the Big Nerd Ranch. I got checked into my cozy cabin in the middle of nowhere around 6:30 and headed back to the main building for dinner. Most of the students had arrived by this point, and we had a nice dinner of spinach-stuffed chicken, mashed sweet potatoes, and broccoli.

After dinner, we went downstairs to the lab, our home away from home for the next five days, and did some quick introductions. I also got a look at the 300 page book we’re going to attempt to go all the way through in the next five days, and generally just chit chat with some of the other people in the class.

After introuductions, we went upstairs and shot some pool, in what could prove to be the last leisure time of the week. We’ll be kicking off the real business tomorrow morning at 8:30.

About Scott Allen

Scott Allen is a web developer from Indianapolis, Indiana. He has been working with HTML, CSS, PHP, & MySQL since the late '90s, and has extensive experience in database design and development, server-side scripting, content management, and front-end user experience, especially in the creation of educational content. Connect with Scott on Twitter (preferably), or Facebook or Google+ (if you aren't in a hurry).
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